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The first thing I should say here is that if you are looking for a factory style/limited slip 3rd member I'm afraid you will have to shop somewhere else. However, the cost of a seriously well built 3rd is simply not much more and the value we offer will go a long, long way.

Our 3rd Members are all business. All have Lockers or Spools, and the best pinion support possible. We offer any gear choice available but don't make you try and piece together things that may not actually go together. We use only Timken USA Bearings and all Gearsets have a 1 year guarantee if purchased as a complete 3rd. All the hard decisions are already made.

All of our 9" Third Members use a Strange Engineering Nodular Iron S big bearing case N2205 / N2206 and are available in 31 or 35 spline standard. If you feel you need 40 spline we can do it but be forewarned, the price will go up dramatically for the Carrier, Locker, Hubs, & Shafts.

We only ship our 3rd's in a bombproof case so you don't receive a 3rd with chipped gears or a torn air line, this is at no extra cost to you and adds peace of mind for free.

Complete Third Members
In this section we have complete 3rd Members and we have already made the hard choices for you. Choices like, do these parts actually go together? Or, what is strong enough for my rig?

We build them the way I would build them for myself. All have 1350 Pinion Yokes, a Solid Spacer, Big Bearings, Daytona Pinion Support, Timken USA Bearings, and a Strange Nodular case that has all the extra strength built in to it.

All you need to decide is the Locker choice (ARB, Detroit, or Spool) and the gearing. We only ship these in a bombproof shipping container so nothing arrives to you already damaged. Our prices are fair and you get much more than you pay for!

Ring And Pinions

Installation Kits

Complete Third Members