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LIGHTING We took a long time choosing the lights we offer. There are a lot of manufacturers out there and I wanted the right mix of High Quality, Guarantee, & Fair Price.

I think we got just what we worked for and learned quite a bit along the way. For HID's I was convinced the 55W 6000 Whites everyone else sold were the right choice but I discovered that is just a number and people always want a higher number. On our HID's we do not go beyond the 35W & 4200 Yellow. I discovered that the human eye cannot discern beyond 4300 and in the White color band you will only see light light and shadow. In the Yellow band you will actually SEE what you are looking at! Light and Shadow is simply confusion...

We are still testing LED's and recently they have had some breakthrough's with distance. HID's are still a better choice for distance and much much less expensive but LED's & HID's together might be the best answer.

Brake Light Bars

Bumper / Rock Lighting

Light Bars & Pods