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Axle Accessories

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In this section you will find all the little things (some not so little) that tie a completed axle housing together.

When building an axle you have a lot of choices to make. At Ruffstuff we take the first choice and make it easier by assuring you that your housing will be true when you get it. A straight housing is challenging for anyone but we have now built several hundred axle housings and I think we have it down. On that tangent we strongly encourage anyone adding a truss to allow us to install it, we have a great deal of experience doing so and adding a truss and keeping the housing true is not an easy task...

Saying all this here may break a long tradition for some of you. It seems over the years shops specializing in axles have built the housing with little regard for the finished product and simply assumed that after it was built you would take it somewhere else and have it trued. Think about that for a second and I think you will agree with me that that simply makes no sense. Why would you take a strong object (the finished housing) and bend it until it is true? It dosen't matter if it can be made true because you have just introduced a major weak point, if it is already bent when you first use it it is simply going to bend again in the prebent area...