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SKU: R1768 The Cure!

The Cure!
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  • The Cure!

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 17 reviews
  • Part Number: R1768
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  • New or Old Style Cure:  

*As of April 2019 Ruffstuff Tie Rod Ends are a new design. There is also a new design of the cure for these new Tie Rod Ends. Refer to the pictures showing the difference of the new and old design Tie Rod Ends and Cures.

This cure is for the GM 1 ton Y link steering conversion and is designed around the GM standard 1 ton rod end. Use on any other steering kit is at your discretion. For stock jeep steering linkage see part number R2008


For as long as there have been vehicles with Y style steering they have wandered down the road. Wandering along... The steering wheel goes two inches to the right, two inches to the left and then back again, while your vehicle stays in a relatively straight line. That is the result of your Tie Rod rolling forward and backward, forward and backward again and again. That's simply because there is nothing there to prevent it from doing that. And early wear on tie rods simply because they are always in motion. This results in torn tie rod boots because they have been flexed a jillion times in.

The Cure!

This small piece of machined Delrin plastic has had a lot of thought put into it. Used against only the face of common Y-Link Tie Rod ends. It gives a self lubricated, fixed yet slightly flexible surface for the tie rod to rest against. The drag link does not flop forward or backward whatsoever yet in common usage it is allowed to roll which causes the steering wheel dead spot and allows for the tie rod roll. Not all TRE's are created equal. Some have a long pin, some have a short pin. This product has been specifically made to work with a GM 1 Ton TRE. In some cases you may have to sand the outside surface to allow for a flush fit. You do not want a tight fit, you want a snug fit. It naturally has a grease pocket built in. In most cases the tie rod boot may need to be removed to properly seat the tie rod end, but will also fit over the boot.

  • When installing The Cure, be sure to verify that the pin on your tie rod end seats completely in the taper.
  • The Cure is only meant to be used on the drag link tie rod end in Y-link steering. Using The Cure at the steering knuckle and pitman arm tie rod ends will not allow necessary flex in your steering system and could lead to failure of your tie rod ends, The Cure or other steering components.

Manufacturing tolerances in the pin and the taper cause some tie rod ends to seat higher or lower in the taper than others. One sign that the taper is not completely seated is if the cotter pin hole does not sit as far through the castle nut as it did with the standard dust boot. To verify your pin is seated in the taper, apply a marking compound (like gear marking compound, grease, lipstick, etc.) to the pin and tighten down the tie rod end then remove it again. Check the pin and taper to see if the marking compound is spread thinly and evenly around the pin. If it does not spread evenly, the pin is likely not seated completely. Sand down the face of The Cure until the pin seats fully. Depending on the shape of your tie rod ends, some filing may also be required to prevent interferences around the lip or face of The Cure.

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.88/5 Stars out of 17 Reviews
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Worked great!
Shawn Galloway (Pa) | July 25th, 2021
I bought this to go with the 1 ton steering. It took away the dead spot in the steering.
Kevin Fox (New Mexico) | June 22nd, 2021
This item is as described, and will work. We are service shop specializing in Jeeps therefore we also requested expedited shipping and customer service followed through. The Cure washer arrived as estimated for time.
Cured my tie rod roll!
Monte Ukishima (Chandler, AZ) | April 13th, 2021
On the road, I used to have a really bad “dead spot” in the middle of my steering, wandering at high speeds was getting kinda sketchy. Offroad, when the front end would articulate, the tie rod would roll and clang pretty loud! Installed a new Cure, needed to ream out the Y-link end for it to sit flush and voila!!! Dead spot is virtually eliminated and no more tie rod roll. You guys rock!!!
Excellent for a ‘77 FJ40
Brent (California) | November 4th, 2020
Using the “New Cure” which is designed for older Jeeps, my FJ no longer wanders all over the road. LOVE IT!!!
Verified Buyer
Shirley Monachelli (PHOENIX, AZ, US) | November 24th, 2019
Everything went as planned, although the instructions that came with it said there might be fitment issues I had none. Good product
  • Fix Your Steering With The Cure!

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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