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SKU: TR6051 Artec Low Profile Ford Kingpin/Balljoint Front Truss (1985 - 1997)

Artec Low Profile Ford Kingpin/Balljoint Front Truss (1985 - 1997)
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Purchase Artec Low Profile Ford Kingpin/Balljoint Front Truss (1985 - 1997)
  • Artec Low Profile Ford Kingpin/Balljoint Front Truss (1985 - 1997)

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  • Part Number: TR6051
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  • $307.99

Low Profile Ford Kingpin / Balljoint Front Truss (1985-1997)

The next generation of Artec trusses is here. This revolutionary new design takes the years of race and recreational abuse of our first generation of trusses and adds additional strength and functionality. The most noticeable is how the truss top now bends around the differential for a better fit and clearance. This is ideal for vehicles needing more uptravel or those building low center of gravity vehicles.

Features include:

  • Works for Ford Kingpin axles 1985-1991.5 and Ford Balljoint axles 1992-1997. Not applicable for 1978-1979 axles or later Superduty axles.
  • 3/8" thick mild steel truss top and 1/4" mild steel gussets. Precision CNC cut and bent for great fitment.*
  • Truss is super low profile allowing better clearance for oil pans and allowing more uptravel.
  • Truss spans entire length of axle for complete reinforcement of the axle tubes - not just for mounting links.
  • Truss is reinforced using interlocked 1/4 thick gussets for maximum strength and easy assembly.
  • Main interlocking gussets are wider than Gen1 trusses adding overall strength to truss
  • Internal gussets conform tightly to the contours of the differential allowing you to weld to it for additional strength and rigidity
  • Truss is clearanced for differential breather tube (adapters needed)
  • Overall low profile design means your axle is stronger, sleaker, easier to fit into any vehicle, and less likely to interfere with vehicle components.
  • Use our adjustable truss upper link mount and tall adjustable truss upper link mount to achieve 10 inches of separation from axle centerline (see accessories below)
  • Compatible with our RM6003 Ram Mount for 85-91.5 axle. LINK. See ACCESSORIES below
NOTE: This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.
*Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this kit. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required.

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What Axle do I have?

Chevy Kingpin has 4.5 inchesť of passenger side axle tube

Dodge Kingpin has 3.0 inchesť of passenger side axle tube

Ford 78-79 Kingpin has ~6.0 inchesť of driver side axle tube

Ford 85-91.5 Kingpin has 3.0 inchesť of driver side axle tube

Ford 92-97 Balljoint has 3.0 inchesť of driver side axle tube

Ford 99-04 Superduty Balljoint has ~1.5 inches driver side axle tube

Ford 05+ Superduty Balljoint has basically no exposed driver side axle tube




Dodge and Chevy front 60s are very similar, and in many cases fairly interchangeable - both parts and entire assemblies. Differences do exist, and some are:


1) All Chevy 60s are kingpin knuckle, whereas early (79-93 ) Dodge are kingpin and later (94+ ) are balljoint (and undesirable)


2) All Chevy 60s are internal style lockout / drive flange bearing hubs, whereas early (79-89 ) Dodge are external, and later Dodge (90-93) are internal.


3) Dodge and Chevy outer kingpin knuckles are very similar, and either will bolt to the other axle, but they are not identical - tie-rod placement is different - the Dodge mounts the TRE about an inch and a half higher. Tie rod end taper is the same for all Chevy, Dodge up to 93, and 78-79 Ford. 85+ Ford is smaller to 99, then 2000+ Ford SuperDuty is larger and SupeDuty specific.


4) Chevy leaf spring pads are 3 inches wide and 32 inches apart (center-pin to center-pin), Dodge are 2.5 inches wide and 32.5 inches apart.


5) All SRW Chevy 60s are 69" wide wheel-mounting-surface to wheel-mounting-surface (wms-wms). Most SRW Dodge are 67" wide, although some are reportedly 69" wide too. A Dodge DRW 60 is 75.5" wms-wms.


6) Chevy rotors are 1.5" thick, early dodge rotors are 1.25" thick, but the calipers are identical. Dodge 60s from the CTD years (90-ish to 93) have 1.5" rotors.


7) Dodge 60s from the CTD years (90-ish to 93) have a higher tie rod location than the older Chevy.


Information above taken from HTTP://WWW.PIRATE4X4.COM/TECH/BILLAVISTA/60_FRONT/


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