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Axle Housings

Ford 9

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Tundra 10.5

We have been working on these Axle Housings for a long, long time. It was over 2 years since first drawn on a cocktail napkin before I found a bender capable of the accuracy needed to do it right! I initially designed these in October of '05 and continued to modify the basic design over the next year, asking customers opinions and testing small changes til I was happy with it.

Thats right, its nearly round! But its not......but it allows the center to be small and I see Axle Housing clearance improvements only slightly behind strength as the primary reason to use a fabricated housing. It has 14 different surfaces to make the semicircle...... We could have made it round but its substantially stronger with the bends, each one reinforcing the next and a stronger shape just doesn't exist for an Axle Housing.....

We suggest that you give us a call to determine the best length for you. They come in 1 tube diameter and thickness but you can try and convince me that 3 1/2" x 3/8" wall DOM isn't strong enough. They will all be internally reinforced the same way (way strong). You will have the option of front or rear and left or right drop. When I priced these I looked long and hard at what else was available, many are advertised for less but when you get through adding the options you need to make it reasonably capable its way more. We are pretty simple here so we make them only 1 way, strong!