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Jeep TJ Weld on Rear Adjustable Axle Track Bar / Upper Control Arm Bracket

Jeep TJ Weld on Rear Adjustable Axle Track Bar / Upper Control Arm Bracket

This weld-on bracket is part of our TJ Axle Swap Kit that adapts the popular Ford 8.8" rear end to the stock suspension mounts in your Jeep Wrangler TJ! This is designed to fit the 3.25" tube diameter of the 8.8 but can be used for any tube diameter from 3"-3.5" with some fine tuning. This bracket mounts to your existing 2" wide upper control arm and 1 5/8" wide track bar. This should be welded on by a competent welder with the correct equipment. We also offer the weld on coil spring buckets and shock mounts separately on our website!
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Gary on -- Asked: I have a 97 jeep tj, 4 cyl 5 speed. Its my son's. This past weekend he broke the bracket on the drive side on top of the axle where the upper control arm and the track bar mount to the axle. He also has the rough country 4 inch lift that has a bracket to relocate or raise the track bar. Would he need to use that bracket if we purchase this bracket? How far does this bracket raise the track bar?

Answered: I do not have specs for the Rough Country bracket but ours has the standard 1 5/8" mounting width for the panhard and the bolt holes are located at 3", 4" and 5" above the top of the axle tube. This is originally designed for the larger axle tubes of the common 8.8" swap so there will be a gap that you will have to fill for snug fit
James P. on -- Asked: Okay, still using the D35 stock axle and have now ripped that dumb pot metal bracket off mine once and welded it back on. Now the weld is cracking and want a good heavy duty bracket to replace with. The tube is less than 3 inches and I need something that maintains the original geometry (I think 7 degrees) to receive the upper control arm and the track bar. Will this work or is there a replacement bracket for the D35?

Answered: This bracket is radius cut for the larger Ford 8.8 axle that is commonly swapped into the jeep. You would need to use extra filler to mock up onto the Dana 35 axle tube, but it does retain the stock mount geometry and lines up with the factory frame bracket for the track bar.
Mike on -- Asked: I just ripped the track bar mount off my 2002 Jeep to Dana 44 rear axle. I have a long arm kit installed. Will this weld on bracket fit as a replacement to the stock mount?

Answered: Yes these are designed around the stock bracket dimension but with thicker material and additional panhard mounting locations
Ronny M. on -- Asked: I have a 99 tj with a 4" lift and a dana 44. I believe the d44 is 3" tube how do we fill the gap weld rod? Or do you have one for my set up?

Answered: With it centered on the tube you'll only have about 1/8" gap on each side, should be able to fill it easily with a standard MIG welder. TIG may be a little more tricky
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