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Upper Radius Rod RZR XP 1000 (Campbell Series)

Upper Radius Rod RZR XP 1000 (Campbell Series)

This is a discontinued item with limited quantity. Please call to order and check availability

Note: There are special editions and models that can be an exception to which bolt size you may have. Be sure to check what size radius rod bolts you have. 15mm Socket = 10mm Bolts and 18mm Socket = 12mm.

Our Upper Radius Rods are really very simple but definitely stand out from the crowd. When you look at the stock rods you think they are fine, they are out of the way but you don’t think about what will happen to them if the lowers fail. We cure that issue by making them strong enough to withstand a lower radius rod failure while retaining the flexibility required.

These are built from solid 1.25” round 7075 aluminum bar, a material known for extreme flexibility and strength with 3/4” heat treated chromoly heim joints versus 5/8” tin foil thick stock rods with bushing ends. Which would you prefer? The weight difference is ½ lb.
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245.00 $220.50

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10.00 pounds

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Non Turbo (10mm Bolts)
Turbo (12mm Bolts)

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