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Weld on Disc Brake Brackets

We have been making weld on Disc Brake Brackets for 5 years with pretty good luck in being able to fit just about any rear axle with disc brakes. Our 12.5" brackets are made for 8 lug axles and use the durable & inexpensive '73-87 Chevy 3/4 Ton 4x4 front calipers and rotors. Our 11.75" brackets are made for the 5 on 5.5" wheel pattern using the '75-87 Chevy front calipers and the '89 Bronco front rotors. These are used for both strength & cost considerations. The Chevy caliper is very durable with great stopping power yet it is pretty much under $30 anywhere in the country. Both the Chevy 12.5" & the Ford 11.75" rotors are also inexpensive yet durable. The other side of these choices is that there are many high performance alternatives you can plug and play into these brackets, the Chevy 7.05" caliper is pretty much the most popular caliper ever used in a truck.

You can also adapt these brackets to many other axles as long as the rotor available is 1 1/8"-1 1/4" thick. A great example of what you can find out there is the '96 Ford E350 Chateau 1 Ton Van, it had a rear disc option. Most auto parts stores will tell you it didn't exist til you give them the Napa part number(#4886799), that rotor has 4" of total offset, amazing what you can do with that kind of offset in a rotor when space is tight.

So if our brackets don't fit your application directly keep looking at rotor options and you will likely find something to make all the pieces fall together!