Where We Shop

This section is for those of you looking for parts we don't make. There are many companies out there that are great at what they do with consistent quality and excellent customer service. We would not recommend anyone we are not happy with so rest assured these are all good people to work with. Some are even our direct competitors but they do good work and I feel confident in recommending them.

Dan Fredrickson
Owner, Ruffstuff
Ruffstuff Specialties

Cambell Enterprises

Anyone reading this page pretty much must have heard of Shannon Campbell. Shannon is the best known rock crawler and rock racer of all time and he is an all around nice guy. That being said, many people don't know that he also has a shop in Gilbert Arizona (Phoenix area) that builds rigs for others. Another thing most people don't realize is that compared to most fab shops Shannon's prices are very low, he is very productive and gets things done with less billable hours than others. Having your car built by someone that races (and wins!) and actually paying less than the rest goes a long way in my book!

Dutchman Axles

Dutchman Axles has a variety of different materials and options available to make aftermarket axle shafts, stock or custom, double splined or flanged.

Grind Tool Abrasives

Tom at Grind Tool Abrasive (GTA) is a throwback to another time. Tom takes care of his customers and you can trust he will not steer you wrong. GTA is all about all the little things we all need to do what we do. Tom sells everything from drill bits to sand paper. All the tools to get things done. When I look at it I am really amazed at how much we spend (~$1,000 a month) to put all our stuff together and Tom makes sure we don't waste money on something that doesn't do the job.

Outlaw Jeep Rentals (Moab)

Jim & Barb are amazing people. This year we went to EJS for the first time and they made us more welcome than anywhere we have ever gone. I really like these people! If you travel and end up near Moab without your rig you can't pass by without seeing the Red Rock. Jim has Jeeps of several grades so you can do what you need to do and if you haven't been before Jim offers a guiding service that really makes a lot of sense so you don't waste time. If you have your rig the guide service still makes sense for the first day.

Rugged Radios

We have done business with Greg and Lance at Rugged Radios for years, these guys are great and have always taken care of us. They supply all of our radios, handheld and hardwired for our repair vehicles that you see out at KOH, the Rubicon and what ever race we can make it to. Rugged Radios has always been a great company to work with, and their products withstand a lot of abuse. They supply intercom systems, mobile radios, hand held radios, headsets, helmet kits just to name a few.

SWAG Off Road

Troy over at SWAG Off Road has been creating unique and innovative fabrication tools for both the home & shop fabricator since its inception in 2008. SWAG Off Road has a keen eye for keeping things simple, effective and affordable. We use several of their products in both our shop an on our personal rigs, ranging from the DIY press brake kits to the Action Packer Baja Bins. Be sure to check out their website, if you are an off road enthusiast who needs to fix broken parts and or a metal fabricator designing up new products as they have several tools that should find their way into your shop.