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14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion kit

By: Garett On: June 3rd, 2015 In: New Products

Here is our new complete¬†14 bolt rear disc brake kit. We finally have made this kit to make your life easy so you don’t have to go running around to the parts store wondering if you are buying the correct parts! Check it out on our site for all the details!


R1877 3 FULL


Part # R1877

Coil Bucket For Frame Mount (Centered)

By: Garett On: October 14th, 2011 In: New Products

These are made to add or move the position of Coil Springs on your rig, front or rear. This particular one is made to Center the coils under the frame rails.

They are .25″ thick and have the option of Coilover (2.5″) springs, 4.5″ springs, or 5.5″ springs for the Pads & Retainers. They also come with 3/4″ Grade 8 Hardware so they stay where you put them.
These are sold in pairs and easily mate up to any of our lower Coil Spring mounts & any frame.
We also have an offset coil bucket if you need to outboard your coils 2″ on each side.

Small Trick Tab 1/4″ X 20 Threaded Insert

By: Garett On: October 14th, 2011 In: New Products

Small Trick Tab

These are good for mounting body panels and other random accessories you might have. The insert is nice to have because it save a lot of time and looks clean compared to welding on a nut.

These are sold in pairs with bolts for $5.00 but if you need to use a different bolt size you can use our other trick tabs with no insert for $2.75 a pair.