Ford 9" Axle Housing

Ford 9
A: Overall End to End
B: End of tube to pinion

NOTE: You can NOT have equal length shafts and a center pinion.
Seal surface starting point on side "B" is 7.04" and is 2.5" long measuring from end of shaft.

  • Tube size is 3.5"x.375" wall. The tube size is reduced on the inner axle side to 2.5" for seal surface.

This is it! The Ford 9" Axle Housing. This axle housing is a touch different than you are used to seeing from housing fabricators, this housing is not quite round! To put it simply, if it was round it would be weaker. The housing has 14 different facets to the basic diamond shape resulting from 36 individual bends! The end result is an axle housing that is the smallest shape possible and strongest shape too, AND there are no abrupt edges to hang up on passing rocks.

The Ford 9" Axle Housings have 3/16" clearance of the ring gear because Ford made all ratio R&P's exactly 9" in diamerer. 3.08 ratios are 9" & 7.20's are still 9". Another beneficial thing to keep in mind when deciding on which axles you want to use is the NASCAR influence. NASCAR has been driving down the price of 9" axle parts for 50 years and gearing is available every 1%!

They are available in any length but if you simply order it from our site we will make it 65" long and you can cut it to length. They come in 1 tube diameter and thickness but you can try and convince me that 3 1/2" x 3/8" wall DOM isn't strong enough. The Body of the housing is 1/4" A36 plate and the faceplate is 3/8 for better stud retention. They will all be internally reinforced the same way (way strong). You will also have the option of front or rear and left or right drop.
Shipping Weight: 
110.00 pounds

Axle Housing Position:
Rear-Centered Pinion
Rear-Centered Equal Length Shafts
Rear-Passenger Drop
Rear-Driver Drop
Front-Passenger Drop
Front-Driver Drop

Add Top Truss:

Add Armor:

Add Rear Truss:

Will this axle use inner seals?:




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