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Our Team Chairman Dan F. Since 1981 CEO Garett K. Since 2007 President Zack L. Since 2010 CFO/VP Mallory K Since 2011 Purchasing Manager Stephen W. Since 2008 Shop Foreman Chris B. Since 2014 Head of R&D Wyatt S. Since 2014 Sales Manager Ryan H. Since 2015 Sales Lead Ron H. Since 2016 Accounting Manager Steve E. Since 2017 Receiving Manager Wayne B. Since 2018 Marketing Director Michael A. Since 2019 Director of Marketing Sean B. Since 2019 Machinist Mike B. Since 2020 Laser Shop Lead Andrew B. Since 2020 Shipping Manager Dustin M. Since 2020 Purchasing Assistant Christina R. Since 2020 Good Boy / Security Mando Since 2020 Assistant to CFO/ VP Alexa A. Since 2021 Press Brake Operator Jayden B. Since 2021 Custodian Eddie B. Since 2021 Lead Machinist Joey C. Since 2021 Sales Yvette F. Since 2021 Welder Connor F. Since 2021 Digital Content Producer Marcus P. Since 2021 Shipping Connor B. Since 2022 Shipping Noah D. Since 2022 Welder Raul M. Since 2022 Accounting Clerk Robert M. Since 2022 Administrative Assitant Taryn S. Since 2022 Shipping Lead Will W. Since 2022 Amazon Marketplace Manager Nick W. Since 2022 CAD/ R&D Assistant Mark C. Since 2023 Machinist Scott E. Since 2023 Sales Brian L. Since 2023 Press Brake Operator Travis M. Since 2023