These are all of our Rod End Kits and they are a screaming deal. They all start with our 4130 CroMo Heat and Cryo treated Heim Joints. Misalignment, Bungs, and Jam Nuts are added to make them a package and they come in pairs. Check in the Rod End Parts section for all the individual Rod Ends and the parts in the kits.

Big changes here at Ruffstuff on our Heim Joints! We did a lot of research and testing and came up with something very interesting! What we discovered should have been very well known but seems to have been overlooked by the industry.

Everyone knows the benefit of Heat Treating 4130 Chromoly and of course all of our heims are HT, its only common sense. Most of you know about Cryogenic Treating of metals after HT also, something that shouldn't be overlooked as we subject things to greater and greater stresses.

What has been overlooked are the benefits of Cryogenic Treating to other materials. I am talking about Plastics, Nylons, & Teflons, the very materials our Heim Joint bearing liners are made from. The realignment at the molecular level of the material smoothes the surface and improves density allowing for a much longer bearing life. 18 Months is not 5 years and we don't have a machine to put something through 20 million cycles but we have recorded less than 1/2 the wear in the test group in favor of the Cryo treated. That would indicate 50-100% longer lifespan of the joints that have been cryogenically treated.

With our limited testing ability I am going to have to side with the scientists opinion. I won't cite research sources, you all have Google too so you can do the same search and see for yourself! The benefits are many and we simply haven't found anything detrimental from the process. The Cryogenic process also makes the HT Rod End AND Ball harder from further martensite conversion (Talk to the scientists). This process increases the ultimate radial static load 8-15% but we will not make any claims of further strength we cannot afford to prove but you can safely assume a 78,000lb RSL heim gains 3-5,000lbs in RSL.

This is the first product we have sold that hasn't been made by us, now they are made to our specs by one of the best manufactureres in the world. All of our Heim Joints are both Heat Treated & Cryogenically Treated 4130 Chromoly. These are the New Industry Standard!