Steering Arms (High Steer)

Here we are doing our best to add to the US Trade Deficit! Importing from our friends in Canada. Personally I see Canada and the US as much more than neighbors, they are our partners in both business and politics.

Over the last couple of years we have gotten pretty close with North West Fab, the owner Kyle has even come down to KOH and helped us in the free pits. That's going a step beyond and that's how they work, the same way we always try to be.

We have used a bunch of different High Steer arms over the years and always come back to NWF as the best. The others either fit funny or the machining was off or they just didn't look strong enough! Many of them never even considered the Ackerman Angles required to make your inside tire turn tighter than the outside tire. A couple of companies had never even heard of Ackerman!

Kyle builds them all 1.25" thick of billet steel so we have no fear of breaking or bending them. They are all machined to the correct Ackerman angle but perhaps more importantly they are stocked here in our shop so we can ship them flat rate from California rather than full freight from Canada!