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Swaybars and Accessories

Swaybars have a strange history in Desert Racing & Rock Crawling, strange in that most companies believe you can't tell right from wrong...

In a way its kind of easy to agree with them, after all, it saves you quite a bit of time spent testing to make it perfect. However, I am not going to tell you that I can make you a "Universal Swaybar" like everyone else. It is the impossible dream.

Swaybars are interdependant on too many factors to be that easy. Think about it for a minute before you buy that Anti-stuff and call it good. If we were all racing a car that was built exactly the same it would be true but only to a point...

What makes the difference?
1. Chassis width at the mounting point
2. Chassis weight
3. Arm length required
4. Drivers Style

All of these factors have relationships that must be considered. Narrow chassis's require longer arms but if that is impossible the bar needs to flex more. But that doesn't even take driving style into account. Some drivers feel perfectly fine doing things that would make another driver wet his pants.

That brings us to what we have to offer. We offer the tools you need so you can create a Swaybar that perfectly suits your driving style and your car.