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NOTE: All DOM is shipped UPS, the majority of our other parts are shipped USPS.

I resisted selling DOM Tube for 5 years, and for what I thought was a pretty good reason.

My reasoning was the high cost of shipping heavy, longer items. 2" X .25 Wall DOM weighs nearly 4lbs a foot! The weight of a set of links quickly adds up. When you add the cost of shipping to even what seems to be a great deal online the benefits of the low price quickly disolve. What seems to be a high price within driving distance may become a bargain.

As time went by I noticed many other companies selling tube at what were stupidly high prices and they were actually selling. Well I've finally decided I can do better than that!

What is common business practice is to mark up your shipping price and make it profitable also. I see shipping as a cost of doing business and we charge what it actually costs us. We don't sell shipping, we sell parts!

So here's what we're going to to. We are going to actually discount UPS shipping on tube to the extent of the discount we receive. We are also going to pick out one of our competitors and simply price our tube 25% less than theirs, unless they charge way, way too much! If that's the case we will lower tube prices even further, and I have just the company in mind!

We also sell Bulk/full stick quantities at a heavy discount over these prices but the order must be for a minimum of 2 sticks to enjoy real freight savings. Local pickup in the shop is always available.