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Steering Kits

Steering Accessories & Maintenance

Steering Arms (High Steer)

All Steering Kits from Ruffstuff Specialties use our own Heat Treated Chromoly Heims or GM 1 Ton Tie Rod Ends.

All of our kits give you choices that can save you money and be more versatile. Look closely through the selections and make your decisions carefully. Keep in mind DOT regulations about Heims in steering. Heims are not legal in any state for highway use when used in steering. They may perform better but are not DOT approved, use your judgement...

Steering can be a continous problem for offroad rigs. Before you upgrade do these things first.

1.) Make sure all the bushings in your front end are good. I mean everything! Nearly anything can contribute to death wobble.

2.) Check out the steering box for any play or slop. A worn sector shaft or shaft bearings can do a lot more damage than death wobble.

3.) If you have multiple ujoints in your steering column make sure they are all good, if you have a rag joint lose it in favor of a ujoint. Rag joints can give up at any time and we put a huge strain on them.

4.) Check your toe in, I think more than half the time people add larger tires they ignore the toe adjustment. When you go from a stock sized tire to a 38" tire your toe goes over 1". It should be in the 1/8"-1/4" range.

After you have gone through the list give us a call and we can set you up with something that will last!