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Jeep XJ, TJ, LJ, ZJ & MJ Y Link 1 Ton Steering Kit

Jeep XJ, TJ, LJ, ZJ & MJ Y Link 1 Ton Steering Kit

We have been manufacturing steering kits and components for many many years. Throughout that time we have been repeatedly asked to build a bolt in kit for XJ, MJ, TJ, LJ and ZJ.

The Ruffstuff Jeep heavy duty steering kit is the result and here are the features that make it stand out as the strongest and most durable while keeping the price fair. One of the biggest problems people have faced over the years when moving to larger tires and lifts are dramatically increased instances of bump steer/roll steer and potentially death wobble. When using the factory T link steering a compression will cause a toe out situation immediately followed as the vehicle unweights by an extreme toe in situation. Using a complete tie rod as you do with a Y Link you eliminate the constant toe in/toe out motion caused by the Inverted T design itself. That motion itself essentially is what death wobble is (constant toe in/toe out movement).

How do we eliminate tie rod roll? We have been making the item we call “The Cure” since 2014 with great results, it really does help with many steering issues. For our new steering kits we have a new model cure for the greater flexibility required for a high clearance steering. This “New Cure” does not replace the old cure. The New Cure can be used under the tie rod ends at the knuckles, combined with one at the Y Link connection greatly lessens tie rod roll. Tie rod roll can also contribute to death wobble, this is why our “cure” is such an important piece of this kit.

This is a bolt in replacement for factory steering on vehicles with up to a 4” lift. This will work up to 6” of lift with a drop pitman arm and extended track bar, however, you will need to increase the knuckle taper to account for the much stronger ¾” taper vs the stock ⅝” taper on the pitman arm and knuckles.

All tubing included for both the tie rod and draglink are 1020 1.5” x .250 wall DOM. The large diameter and thickness of the forged 1 ton tie rods make these the strongest steering kits available.

The tubing is cut bent and welded here in our shop by professional American welders. Our fabricators constantly challenge themselves to be the best and are known for extreme quality work.


  • 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)
  • 2004-2006 Jeep Wrangler (LJ)
  • 1987-2001 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
  • 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ)
  • 1987-1992 Jeep Comanche (MJ)

Kit includes:

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Average Customer Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 1 Reviews
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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 TJ Steering System is SUPER HD!
By mike aeberhardt in ALBERTA on 12.19.2017
Shipping was fast to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Ordering was a breeze. This is one heavy duty unit. Physically at least twice the size of stock pieces. Clears no problem with my 4" lift. A little pricey in Canadian dollars with exchange and shipping, but I still wholeheartedly recommend this unit as it is a permanent solution for problems I was experiencing! THANKS!!

Questions and Answers

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Gavin L. on 1-17-2018 Asked: will this bee a direct fit for a stock jeep cherokee 2001

Answered: After reaming your knuckles and pitman arm for the GM 1 ton tapered ends it will bolt in.
Nick on 1-15-2018 Asked: What's to stop this from working OTK other than the passenger tie rod having the taper on the inside if you were to flip it? And to remedy that couldn't you just ream it the other way? As far as steering angles go, what issues would you have if you were to drop your track bar down, depending on lift height of course.

Answered: Basically we do not have it set up for over the knuckle yet because we are designing another bracket for the panhard bar so you can keep the drag link at the same angle as the panhard when switching to over the knuckle. If they are not parallel with each other and about the same length, the will fight each other during suspension travel.
Matt on 1-2-2018 Asked: Why not for the YJ? Thanks

Answered: This steering kit will hit the leaf spring on the YJ's.
Maxwell J. on 12-11-2017 Asked: So I'm looking at your kit, R2237, Is it a DYI Kit that requires welding? Or is it a direct replacement for the stock drag link and components for my '06 wrangler? Will it fit factory height jeep or is a lift required to clear the TREs to the track bars and sway bars. Does it fit within the factory 15" alum wheels? Lots of questions, sorry. Only want to purchase it once... max

Answered: This kit comes pre-welded and pre-bent. You do need to ream your knuckles and pitman arm for the larger GM 1 ton taper and then this would bolt right in and clear your sway bar, panhard and 15" wheels. This kit will work for stock height wranglers and fit up to 6" of lift with a drop pitman arm.
John on 11-14-2017 Asked: Is this kit for just utk or can it be used as otk?

Answered: Currently this kit is only for under the knuckle to work with the stock panhard bar. We are working on an over the knuckle version that will have a replacement track bar/panhard option to keep the drag link and panhard parallel with each other to reduce the chance of bump steer.
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 1 Reviews Read
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30.00 pounds

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