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Dodge Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Dodge Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE Please see the all the notes below. This kit does not work with all Dodge D70 axles.

Fits standard single steel wheel 15" with a maximum 4" back spacing.

Dodge Dana 70 Single Rear Wheel disc brake conversion using single rear wheels for an off road application. The weight savings on a standard Dana 70 is substantial. This is a complete kit for changing out your rear-end brakes. Changing from drum brakes to disc brakes is easy, and all the parts you need to complete the conversion of your rear axle are included in this kit.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 1 Pair Dodge Dana 70 SRW Disc Brake Brackets
  • 2 Weld on Brake Line Tabs
  • 2 Brake Line Clips
  • 2 Brake Calipers
  • 2 Hydraulic Hoses with 10mm Banjo Bolt Fittings
  • 4 New Brake Pads
  • 2 New Rotors
*NOTE* If longer studs are needed, usually dually studs are long enough or Dormin # 610-283.1 will work if you drill your hubs and rotors. Knurl must press into hub. Double check stud diameter, studs should drop freely into the rotor. DO NOT press studs into the rotor. If your hub has too large of studs you will need to drill the rotors to accept them. Be sure to have minimum 5/8" lug nut thread engagement.
*NOTE* Rotor installs onto the backside of the hub!
*NOTE* Don't forget to re-bleed your brakes once you've installed your new conversion kit.
*NOTE* A Proportioning Valve is recommended, this will allow you to fine tune your front/rear stopping power bias. Your front axle should always do about 70% of the work.
*NOTE* This is ONLY for a Dodge Dana 70 Single Rear Wheel. This will not fit Ford or Chevy.

*FITMENT 1st gen Cummins Diesel trucks seem to be not an issue, however 2nd gen Dodge trucks have been hit and miss. We have discovered that some housings have different flange to hub offsets. We have not narrowed down if this applies to axles of a certain year or if its just certain BOM etc. Axles with BOM# 605590 and 605901-1 have been an issue. To ensure this kit works with your housing measure from your 4 bolt flange to the back of the wheel hub (the surface the wheel studs press up against). This distance must be about 5.68" to ensure our kit will work*

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KevinRenault on -- Asked: My Dana 70 is out of a Dodge W300, will it fit all years of Dana 70?

Answered: There have been some inconsistencies with the Dodge D70, the older housings tend to be more consistent so you have a better chance of it fitting and newer models have some slightly different housings with different flange offsets. Double check the measurement we have listed on the website to ensure proper fitment prior to ordering
david C. on -- Asked: can I use on 2001 dodge 2500

Answered: Hello, there have been some odd runs of the Dodge D70 housing so they can be hit and miss. There is a measurement at the bottom of the product listing (highlighted in red) for you to double check the compatibility with your housing
Mike L. on -- Asked: Will this fit a Dana 70 with the 3 1/2 inch axle tube?

Answered: Yes, on 99 and older Dodge axles. 2000 and newer are a dana 70/80 cross-bread that we found needs a different offset in the bracket, or could possibly use a weld on bracket.
Joe on -- Asked: Does kit keep the existing rear e-brake/ parking brake?

Answered: At this time it does not, but we will have calipers available towards the end of fall that will have the parking brake option. You can use 1976-78 rear Cadillac Eldorado calipers in the meantime. those will bolt up to our brackets

Part Number: 
Shipping Weight: 
78.00 pounds

Upgrade to Parking Brake Calipers?:
Yes ($200)

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