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Reno Torchmate Ultra4 Stampede

By: Garett On: October 19th, 2011

We are lucky with the Reno races in that they are only 90 minutes away from us. The weather was great and with one of our employees racing (Brian Tilton is our shipping manager) we had to be there.

This was an interesting and brutal race. The start and finish were in a relatively mellow area but the attrition rate was very high. I know Brian felt it after hiking about 6 miles with his Steering Ram over his shoulder.

JT Taylor was definately due and finished both laps before half of the field had finished their first lap.

I won't get into the race much because from our vantage point we could only see the start and finish. Accross the valley we could see cars come into the pits after laps and half laps but there were very few that made it to the second lap so it wasn't very interesting there either.

I guess what I am getting at is what can we do for Offroad Motorsports to make them more interesting for the people watching? It is a very big question to me as a manufacturer of Offroad Parts and one I don't even have the beginings of an idea of how to answer. I am going to stop at this point because I really don't know which way to go with it. If you have any ideas please feel free to add them as coments.