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RuffStuff Specialites Enters the Future...Social Media!!

By: Mallory Welch On: August 6th, 2015

In case you guys didn't already know, we've joined the so called "cult" of social media! We actually have been quite active on Facebook for more than a few years (We've got more than 110k likes, WOW!) but we've also recently really started to pick up on Instagram (Almost 17k Wahoo!!) and now we're getting the hang of things on Twitter (We have a very modest 313 followers…lol) But we are getting there!

We've also most recently joined SnapChat as well, which is odd for our industry but people seem to really enjoy the daily little peeks into our so called "shop life".

Also slightly odd for our industry but completely awesome is Pinterest (Not just for the ladies anymore!), check out our awesome boards, our products and of course our dream vehicles. You can really get some great ideas and inspiration or "PINsperation" from the website.

Below are all of the names and links to our social media pages. You probably will want to keep an eye on us, our social media department is quickly growing, so try and keep up will ya!!

p.s. If you haven't heard of Periscope yet we suggest you check it out, We'll be jumping into that in the near future as well. RuffStuff World Domination here we come!!! Muahahahahaahahahahaha!!!

Double p.s. We know you guys would love some more YouTube video as well so don't think we forgot about that too, it's on our list! 🙂

FaceBook: RuffStuff Specialties LINK:

Instagram: @ruffstuffspecialties LINK:

Twitter: RuffStuff4x4 LINK:

Pinterest: RuffStuff Specialties LINK:

SnapChat: RuffStuff4x4

Periscope: RuffStuff4x4

Youtube Channel: RuffStuffspecialties (all one word)

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