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Brake Products

We push the bar high with top quality 3/8" laser cut brackets, hoses, clips and beefy high end rotors made specially for RUFFSTUFF. What really sets us apart form ALL of the compettition is that we only sell BRAND NEW CALIPERS that use TWO Bleeder Nipples. -Not the same hit and miss remanufactured calipers you can get from auto parts stores but a brand new unit built exclusivly for RuffStuff Disc Brake Kits.
These are the ULTIMATE Disc Brake Conversion Kits for your: GM 14 Bolt Axle, Ford 9" Axle, Ford Sterling Axle, Ford Dana 70, Chevy Dana 70, Chevy Front Dana 60 and more!

Brake Parts

Disc Brake Adapters

Disc Brake Complete Conversion Kits